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Griffin RJL Multicolor v1.0
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Griffin RJL Multicolor v1.0

Hello Trucker community
I'm a big fan of RJL Scania's itself, I am drangesetzt and tinkered a skin.
"Scania Griffin" for the EXC Longline

Paintable attachments:
Lacquered rockfall grid with Tribal & lettering "Scania"
Flames Mirror
Stripes on the window windshield
Inscription on the wheel well clearance Covers
Anschlussbar painted
Both painted 50k sun visors
Painted door handles and fog rings
The skin is painted in 4-color Multicolor.
All painted attachment parts and lettering are, according mitgefärbt
For everything else, just look at the pictures :)
Have fun with it.

Scania by RJL
Skin by GhostDesign

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