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GTA V Traffic Pack v1.0
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GTA V Traffic Pack v1.0

Cars from Grand Theft Auto V and Online are now on European Roads! It also features new AI driver models!

Cars List:
Benefactor - Schafter V12, Schwartzer, Feltzer, Surano, Serrano
Cheval - Taipan
Dewbauchee - Exemplar, Rapid GT
Enus - Super Diamond
Gallivanter - Baller II
Grotti - Bestia GTS, Carbonizzare, Turismo R
Lampadati - Felon
Obey - 9F, Tailgater, Rocoto
Ocelot - F620
Overflod - Entity XF
Pegassi - Vacca, Zentorno, Osiris, Infernus
Pfister - Comet
Truffade - Adder
Ubermacht - Sentinel XS, Oracle XS

All standalone and not replace any original AI cars.


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