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H.Essers Trailer V1.0
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H.Essers Trailer V1.0

My trailer works with ETS2 and Promods 1.95. This trailer can also be delivered and picked up from the Scandinavian DLC area.Trailer is not been tested with any other map mods and it is in the Ai trailer traffic.If this mod is uploaded to any other website please respect the author and add the authors name with the mod.


  • Kaleu57
    2015-07-13 13:41
    Hello NISSANTR,just a simple question about your trailers. I like them, you made a good job on skinning, but what happenĀ“s with the trailer wheels ingame?Are they vanishing and pop up in distannce, because of old LOD-Model??Or do you use the new LOD-Model from 1.18?Greetings Uwe
  • Nissantr
    2015-07-14 13:20
    Hello! Uwe.I have also seen that same vanishing trailer wheels problem in my trailers new and old and also in trailers that other people did make.That crazy vanishing wheels problem did start immediately after the ETS2 1.18 came out,so i do not know the answer to that problem yet and it is nice that you like my trailers,so thank you for the nice comment.
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