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Hard Grain Contrasted Reshade & Sweet FX
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Hard Grain Contrasted Reshade & Sweet FX

– I downloaded Real Road Project’s preset and made some changes to it. I removed all setting and added a bit more contrast and a film grain.
– If these don’t suit you then you can go in to the SweetFX_settings.txt in the SweetFX folder and change these two settings using the listed options. It is a very basic setup but does a lot.
– Since only shading, film grain and technicolor 2 have been altered the performance loss is next to nothing. No special AA or effects other than those listed are being used.
**This is a 32bit (x86) version only**
– No settings have to be turned off in game.
– Toggle Reshade – F11
– Screenshot – prt sc
– Screenshots will go in to your bin folder.
– Install: Extract .zip file and place contents into your Euro Truck x86 (32bit) bin folder that has the game’s executable in it.
** You can view the screenshot comparison here: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4802/ **

Authors: Etny2k, Br3ss4n

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