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Hardcore Economy v2.0
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Hardcore Economy v2.0

You have been warned! This mod is only for those who wants to play this game in super realistic. All the prices are high, and in many cases reflect real life. Even a small accident can cause a big fine. Buying a new garage is expensive. You need to labor of living. But it’s something that life is in real.

New in version 1.2:
– Ferries and trains are now much more expensive

New in version 2.0 (this version):
– The whole mod is recreated to game version 1.14
– Hired drivers bug fixed (now hired drivers doesn’t lose your money).
– All the amounts are new, more realistic.
– Mod doesn’t change levels anymore, only economy
– This can be final version if there is no bugs anymore.

No need new profile.
Works game version 1.14 but if you have another economy mod you need to disable it.

Author: Maximate

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