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Harsh Russian Baykal R4 Map V1.25
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Harsh Russian Baykal R4 Map V1.25

All the good of the day is a mod for ets2 Baikal r4. podolzhenie Baikal r3.
Download 1 file Baikal r4 card also sewn in KAMAZ from the creator of Coral is available in the Volvo showroom.
Download not regret it. map for version 1.25
Extract all files into a folder mod.
Download All 2 Parts to Work.

Author: goba6372

  • Guest
    2016-09-26 02:15
    Download All 3 Parts to Work.
  • Morra
    2016-10-02 21:31
    läuft bei mir nicht.bittte um genaue Beschreibung was man machen muss!!!!Danke
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