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Heavy cargos v0.1
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Heavy cargos v0.1

Hi this is new 142 mods I
Am back with A new Mod for ets2.
Heavy cargos, It contains heavy cargo trailers.
With the Heavy Cargo mod pack e, the real heavyweights are entering the ring. Driving skills will be tested and precious mighty trucks will be brought to their limits with heavy loads weighing up to 61 tons. The mod features impressively detailed real-life cargo models and new special trailers.

Asphalt Miller - Writigen 808 (44 t)
Industrial Cable Reel (34 t)
Concrete Beams (51 t)
Crawl Dozer - Z35K (39 t)
Locomotive - Bossloc (61 t)
Metal Centering (28 t)
Mobile Crane - Rex-Tex 45 (55 t)
Transformer - PK900 (47 t)

These massive cargoes will benefit from new high-tech trailers! To be able to maneuver properly with something so huge attached to a truck tractor, the driver needs extra maneuverability. And we've got it covered because this expansion also brings new trailers with steering axles!
Alongside this new mod, we've also added a lot of FREE content in the base Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
Because heavy duty calls for more options, with this new mod we've unlocked the amazing muscular 8x4 chassis for the Mercedes-Benz's new Actros, Volvo FH 2012 and both Scania R and Streamline trucks for all Euro Truck Simulator 2 base game owners. They've received special cabin paint jobs to make them distinctive and ready for more difficult challenges. There are also new accessories for all trucks available in the game, such as wheel tuning parts.
Moreover we've developed a new feature – the Truck Analysis screen. It's similar to a veteran truck mechanic who can give you extra insight and information about the suitability of a given truck configuration for a particular transportation task.
We have started Mediafire download portal, so you can have fast and secure downloads!

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    gUys its Original Dlc, Download it!
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