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Heavy Haulage Convoy Mod for SCS 8x4s v1.0
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Heavy Haulage Convoy Mod for SCS 8x4s v1.0

This mod realizes a heavy convoy. You can select Mercedes, Volvo and scania 8×4 versions. For giving real impression, these trailers have half weight. DLC Heavy Cargo is required. I want to add escorts but i dont have oversize dlc, due to i cant work on escorts. You can change skins of trucks in convoy at”/vehicle/ trailer-eu/ brand/ company-paint-job/ company.dds”. For current skins, i used high power Cargo dlc skin for Mercedes, standard 8×4 heavy duty skin for scania and Volvo. Also, you can change ballast box skin in “vehicle/ truck/ trakker/ parça/ agirlik.dds”.


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