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Heavy Physics 1.27 v2.0
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Heavy Physics 1.27 v2.0

Test: 1.27
If you like work of the long-distance truck driver, fight against difficulties on the way and don’t like to hurry.
Then this of fashion “Heavy physics” for you.
What distinguishes given fashion from similar:
With this spendthrift it is really more difficult to deliver freight.
Emphasis is put on approach to realness (all almost like in reality, all this a game).
It is more difficult to overcome rises, longer braking disperses more heavy (depends on the weight and the chassis).
Long descents – an overheat of brakes, departures on a road shoulder, accidents.
Rises – perhaps you just won’t come around and you will spend fuel (if you have a weak engine and not the suitable chassis).

In settings of a game to include an adaptive automatic transmission (when using 12 and above drives)

added trucks:
MAN TGX Euro6 (MADster)
Scania r4, rs, t, t4 (RJL)

Many parameters are changed:

resistance and losses in transmission;
resistance of rotation of wheels;
inertia of a swing wheel;
torque; (speed is gathered more slowly, falls quicker);
clutch; (an engine stop when throwing a clutch pedal)
balance and intensity of brakes; (the braking distance is increased on ~ 50-100m, in different provisions of the toddler of intensity of braking);
ruggedness of material, resistance of deformation and coefficient of slippage of tires; (a staskivaniye, a slipping, drifts, a blockage of wheels when braking)
cabin weight, wheel weight;
smooth suspender;
degree of turning movement of steering wheels and sedelno-coupling device.


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