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Heavy Physics 1.27 v2.1
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Heavy Physics 1.27 v2.1

changes in version 2.1
it is corrected:
coupling with the road (now more realistic movement uphill with a different weight, the chassis and the engine, is also changed side sliding);
shaking of a trailer at a set of speed more than 60 km/h;
the movement of the track uphill after release of the accelerator pedal;
test: 1.27

trucks are added:
MAN tgs, tgs euro6, tga, tgx euro6 (MADster)
kamaz 54-64-65 (Koral)
Scania r4, rs, t, t4 (RJL)

In settings of a game to include adaptive automatic transmission (when using 12 and above transfers) or to use manual,
to turn off real fuel usage.


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