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Heidelberg Cement semitrailers v1.0
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Heidelberg Cement semitrailers v1.0

Today I have for you the HeidelbergCement semitrailer.
Tested with with Going east and Skandinavia.
The trailer has 7 cargo types to choose from.
I wish you as always a lot of fun with the mod.
The mod may not be distributed Komerziel.


  • Theosz
    2015-09-24 22:48
    TYmy setup have issues in game.log.txt playiing in v1.20 [model] Unknown look name 'cement' on model '/vehicle/trailer_eu/heidcememkip/ cement.pmd' lod_01.pmd' lod_02.pmd'could you fix the unreal space between truckS's coupling and traler ? see ithttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/ularcvzwd5xz80f/AAB7ITF5DHwtLJo_yqabNmpOa?dl=0
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