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Henkis Traffic Mod v5.0
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Henkis Traffic Mod v5.0

Henki's Traffic Mod V4.6 (from game version 1.10.x)
It's only traffic in the mod yet, so we can have all mods so
together without the need to have in mind is to overwrite the mods are mutually exclusive.
The speed of some vehicles was adjusted.
I have the following mods vehicles integrated into my mod to keep the Mod compact:
     AI-Traffic-Pack-by-Jazzycat v1.5
     Bus Traffic Pack V1.0 jazzycat
     BMW 5 Series E34, MB E Class W210, VW Passat B5 Alexx_OS
     VW Bora and double-decker Alexx_Os
     Golf II Srele

Some examples:
     Sprinter long, Ambulance
     Sprinter DHL, TNT, UPS
     MB MP2, MP4, various makes BDF
     Volvo and Scania Streamline BDF
     Various buses, vans
     Audi TT, Alfa Mito, MB ML63 etc
     MB and Ducato police
     and so on ..

With version 3.6 I reworked the whole mod, the complete car and truck traffic has been adjusted or replaced.
With version 4.2 I have vehicles adapted to the countries and or assigned.
Vehicles still were inserted on the occasion:

Some examples:
     BMW 5 Series E34, MB E Class W210, VW Passat B5
     VW Bora and double decker bus
     Scania fire station wagon
     MAN Tow ADAC, Ducato motorhome
     Fiat 500, Ford Transit, Golf II
     and so on
Also now have all the standard SCS car manufacturers get symbols and emblems.
There should be no other traffic mods used in addition to any
To avoid conflicts.
The Traffic mod must be loaded before the Just Play Mod (JPM) of TSM.

kilroy, TSM, Alexx_Os, Jazzycat, SCS, Atak_Snajpera, apferreira truckman, Sam Suga, Eden Games, Atari, Serj999, among others Srele
If someone skipped feel just PM to me.
Have fun with the mod
LG Henki73
The MOD should be offered using the original links on other sites.
The mod can not be uploaded again! Please use the ORIGINAL LINK!
Its Forbidden to host the mod anywhere! Use the ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!

Credits: kilroy, TSM, Alexx_Os, Jazzycat, SCS, Atak_Snajpera, apferreira truckman,Sam Suga, Eden Games, Atari, KTM1998 und Serj1999(TDU), Srele,Taina u.a.

  • Theosz
    2014-09-20 18:02
    5.0 or a republication or 4.6?
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