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Highpipe for Trucks Update v5
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Highpipe for Trucks Update v5

What's new:
-Added lights to highpipes for all trucks (lights by abasstreppas)
-Reworked mod which reduced its weight.
-Several corrections and minor improvements
-Now support:
-BDF Tandem Truck Pack v30.0 by Flemming V
-Ford Cargo Pack by Tonho Nunes, Blade1974
-MAN TGX Reworked by MADster
-Renault Magnum Legend by ByLhols, Blade1974
-Scania R & Streamline Modifications by RJL
-Scania Streamline Kipper-Tandem by Zeus, Punisher...
-Now "Triple Highpipe + Ranger", "Triple Highpipe + Elegance" available in truck:
-DAF XF by SCS & by ohaha & by 50k
-Mercedes Benz Actros by SCS
-Added highpipes to tandem variant in Volvo FH16 2013 by ohaha & 2012 by Pendragon

Highpipe find in exhaust (left) - for some models in highpipes... (see "info.txt")
Tested on 1.16.2 - works fine on older versions

Mod supports more than 55 trucks.
More info and full list of supported trucks in "info.txt".

First relase (2013):
Drivter for Highpipe
Roadhunter for adjusted

Next Updates (2014/2015):
abasstreppas for lights
Nico2k4 for all new highpipes (double, triple etc.) - based on Drivter model.
Update model to new format.
All corrections in the model, etc.
All other features introduced in the updates.

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