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Hungary Map v0.9.22++ and hotfix for 1.17.x
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Hungary Map v0.9.22++ and hotfix for 1.17.x

Here is just a small fix to use the map on the 1.17.1 version of the game, for waiting Frank's update!
!IMPORTANT: remove pedestrian in options menu !!!
Here is the first and the only one version of Hungary Map till now for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Up to now, 0.9.22+ version is released and work fine on ETS2 1.16.x!

There are total 55 cities have been added in this map! Next version of this map will add upto over 300 cities! 

Frank007, Igor Nitch

  • Bluedog
    2015-05-13 07:44
    Love this map, one of my favorites. However, recently I have been crashing whenever I discover a truck dealer.
  • Ronex
    2015-05-13 15:00
    Have you tried zzztruck_dealer_fix_for_1.16_beta.scs maybe do a search.
  • Igornitch
    2015-05-14 20:27
    @BluedogDownload this link should fix those crashes ;)http://www.mediafire.com/download/5og5qo0kj9vjkcj/zzzHungary_Fix_1.18.01.scs
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