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Hyundai Universe tracomeco Noble
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Hyundai Universe tracomeco Noble

The sleep bus mod made in vietnam by wed3o technology. “space” to open the door, “o” to the light in cabin. mod include:
- Hyundai Universe tracomeco Noble
- mod passenger
- vietnam company
- trailers vietnam in trafic, Hyundai Universe tracomeco Noble traffic and vietnam motorbike traffic

ETS2 Bus Mod – Hyundai Universe NOBLE Viet Nam

  • Gamer vietnam
    2017-01-12 16:19
    The products are created by Web3o in Vietnam are suffering from suspected serious piracy for the Collective, Individual people in Indonesia. They took advantage of in order to profit by editing the free Mod shared by the people of Indonesia and sold. Some players have bought it and share publicly. However, it has brought many consequences. The scam appropriate property happened in Vietnam. I hope that MODHUB.US enclosed notice to help us (the true players in Vietnam) is assured. Thanks much!
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