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Hyundai Xcient v0.2 1.38
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Hyundai Xcient v0.2 1.38

Changes v0.2
Adapted to DX11
Compatible with 1.38
Doesn't support open/close windows

This truck features:
Can be found in dealer MAN
-New Lightmask
-Compatible with new rain system
-Trailer Cables added
-Own Interior (EU interior for now, UK interior in next version)
-Have sound
-Two types of Cabin (With Spoiler and Without Spoiler)
-Six types of Chassis option (4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 6x2_4, 6x2_4 midlift, 6x2 taglift, 6x4)
-Three types of Mirrors (Plasic, Paint and Chrome)
-Two types of Bumpers (Plastic and Paint)
-Original Hyundai Powertec Engines from 360hp to 520hp)
-Engine badges
-Original Hyundai Dymos transmissions (2 types) and ZF transmissions (3 types) with retarders

Link 3 Recommended using D13K Engine Sound

AlvarezLynx, update for 1.38 TenkaMaru20

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