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IJ's Custom Owned Trailer v2.0 1.32.x-1.33.x
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IJ's Custom Owned Trailer v2.0 1.32.x-1.33.x

This mod contains a custom Owned Curtain & Flatbed Trailer based around the SCS trailers.

Change Log:
Version 2.0:
- Required to sell existing mod trailers from this pack (sorry).
- Added Flatbed and Flatbed with central crane. (Fully paintable).
- Added similar accessory options as curtain.
- Added paintable fenders.
- Added 2 SDC like sideskirts (removed old naff ones).
- Added paintable mudflap.

- Accessories include: All SCS parts as of 1.33.
- Supports 3 & 4 axle variations.
- Painted SCS cage sideskirts.
- SDC like sideskirts.
- SDC like painted rear bumper.
- Painted SCS Euro3 and Eco rear bumpers.
- Custom marker (side) lights that double as indicators.
- Marker (side) light slots to allow custom small lights to be used.
- A pack of my LED/Strobe lights.
- Custom LUX wheel rims, Inverse and Edge Only options.
- Aero sideskirts - as chassis option.
- Custom conspicuity markers (reflectors).
- Crane for flatbed (optional accessory).
- Painted Mudflaps.
- Painted fenders.
- 2 lovely pirate paintjobs.

There are 16 variations of conspicuity markers and their colour confirm to EU legal requirements for the Curtain. 4 variants for the flatbed.

Version 1.5:
- Added HCT trailer combination.

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