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Ikarus 250-59 v3.0 1.30
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Ikarus 250-59 v3.0 1.30

– Updated all 3D models and rewritten the animation. All the indicators on the dashboard work
– Added a real Hungarian searchlight on the roof, a tripcomputer in the cabin and a working LCD TV Sony
– Added new slots for accessories on the windshield
– Added pneumatic sound signal Ikarus
– Fixed Physics

Tornado, Valera_t, knoxx_xss, Koral, Karen Chahelyan

  • Reupload
    2018-03-11 13:47
    http://www.modhub.us/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/bus-ikarus-250-59-1-30/ Reupload by Cruise
  • Guest
    2018-03-11 14:00
    Fake, upload by mods_ats
  • Real
    2018-03-11 16:50
    Fake. There is no update and will no longer be. There is no version 3.0. Next update will be private.Details at the author on a site: https://vk.com/club161132306?w=wall-161132306_29/all
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