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Improved Air Suspension v2.0
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Improved Air Suspension v2.0

Now work with all truck (without any mods) and fix bugs . Now the tires don’t enter in asphalt and work on all chasis , all trucks and all tires . This is a real suspension.
When the mod reach 2000 downloads I update it with air suspension on Skoda and more cars.

Version tested : v1.24.x
Version Mod : v2 (fixed)
Please don’t change the download link ! Thank you.

Author: RobertDRN

  • Tomas
    2016-07-31 12:29
    ¿que hace este mod con las ruedas y la suspension de los trucks y los cars?
  • Tomas
    2016-07-31 12:44
    ¿ What this mod with the wheels and the suspension of the cars and the trucks?
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