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Improved Behavior of Gearbox R1 v1.16
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Improved Behavior of Gearbox R1 v1.16

This mod improves behavior of gearbox. There is no delay during shifting and reducing gears (like a dual clutch gearbox). Working in all trucks. Requires game version 1.16.2.

Which improves mod?
1. Quicker shifting and reducing gears
2. Smooth acceleration
3. Lower fuel consumption

Known issues:
1. Sometimes strange sound when starting moving
2. Sometimes hard to start from 0 km/h with trailer

1. Good engine – 500hp+, but I tested Scania 340hp (without trailer, automatic and sequential gearbox) and there is no problem when starting moving)
2. Sequential gearbox. Automatic gearbox sometimes get crazy while starting from 0km/h, but not in every case (shifts betwen 1st and 3rd gear)

I drive a Volvo FH 2012 with 750hp engine and gearbox with 9 gears. No problem while starting, up to 5l/100km less consumption, better acceleration.


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