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Improved Graphics Mod v2.1.3 (1.30.x)
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Improved Graphics Mod v2.1.3 (1.30.x)

Improved Graphics Mod v2.1.3 (1.30.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
This mod simulate a realistic graphics for ETS 2 game.
Changes in 2.1.3:
- reworked flares of lights
- city lighting reworked
- reflections are more realistic
- shadow is reworked
- orange color(signals) is more realistic

Changes in 2.1.2:
-reworked flares of lights
-city lighting reworked
-orange color(signals) is more realistic

Features mod:
- Change of the light
- Change of HDR effects
- Change of the color ,shadows


  • Mario
    2018-03-18 00:33
    old Mod and copy paste by uploaderhttp://download-ets2.com/other-mods-ets-2/graphics-environments/13458-improved-graphics-mod-v213-130x.html
  • Mario
    2018-03-18 00:34
  • Fake
    2018-03-18 05:14
    Mods80, чтоб ты сдох, козел. Админ этого сайта - полный дурак.
  • Fake
    2018-03-18 05:38
    I see it is mods_80 so it is not mods80, I think this asshole is mods_ats or kamazist10
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