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Improved Graphics Real v4.0
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Improved Graphics Real v4.0

The Gamer Staff Over Graphics is pleased to bring you the real graphical improvements v4.0. Every environment improves and adds textures in HD leaving her perfect graphics and also making it easier for those with weak PC's with a large increase in the number of FPS.

What's in this version 3.0:
- Taken some materials that did not behave well to the game;
- Several improvements in high definition for all types of weather were added;
- All colors were filtered and improved for better results at weaker PCs.

What's in this version 4.0:
- Until then, stranger!

Tested and Approved
Version: 1.7.1 -
Game: Euro Truck 2

Over Gamer Graphics Team
Animated Backgrounds With New Visual Paradise By: Vinicius Murilo (Praank)
Mod Edit Graphic Enhancements Real v4.0 By Leandro Silva

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