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Improved physics  (updated) v1.3
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Improved physics (updated) v1.3

The mod adds a more realistic and complex physics truck ETS2

Now, more difficult to drive the truck, improved "feel" of the truck
Less static physics of the driver's body

Many changes in the behavior of the truck on the road:

1. Reduced responsiveness truck. Increased air resistance and resistance to the movement of the wheels. Increased chance to turn maneuvers at high speed
2. Reduced the effectiveness of the brakes. The brake system is now a more realistic rates of heating \ cooling, as well as the correct maximum temperature
3. reconfigure the behavior of the cab, it has become more responsive to the maneuvers of the truck. Weight cab raised to a realistic value, redefined angles and roll, springing and damping force
4. change the course of the suspension and damping of the suspension movement. The suspension became softer
5. Reduce the "viscosity" of transmission
6. worsen the adhesion properties of the material to the surface of the tire, the deformation of the tire is increased. Tyres now have a greater chance of loss of grip and slip

The mod is compatible with all regular trucks, as well as with a number of the most popular moddingovyh trucks: MAZ 5432, Mack Superliner, DAF XF from 50k, Volvo FH Classic and FH16 2013 by Ohaha, SISU and All Scania from RJL, Volvo VNL 670 and 780, MAN TGX Euro6 and TGA files from Madster, Scania 143 from Ekualizer and Iveco Strator from Shoofer / EM Group.

For use with the data necessary to connect the truck events with higher priority!
All other modes to use trucks with a higher priority than the events!

The list of changes in version 1.3:

Removed all changed files chassis - now supports all modes of trucks;
Maud is divided into two versions - normal and "soft";
Reduced movement of the driver and increase the rate of return for the driver's seat;
Increased sensitivity of the administration;
A further increase in the cross angle of the fifth wheel;
Reduced rate of heating \ cooling of the brake system;
Increased angles and tilt the cab;
Decreased the power fluctuations and increased cabin strength of vibration damping of the cab;
The rigidity of the stabilizer bar is returned to the default value;
The inertia of the truck is increased by 30%;
The longitudinal stiffness of the tires is slightly increased
Serviceability checked on the game version 1.22


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