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Improved Weather Reload r5.5.x (alpha)
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Improved Weather Reload r5.5.x (alpha)

- Completely reworked the weather using 92's sky high resolution textures;
- Changed the light of lanterns and lights of traffic;
- Two variants of fashion: Lite and other effects;
- 30 types of weather during the day;
- 18 kinds of dawn;
- 15 types of sunset;
- 14 species pm;
- 3 types of rain;
- Several types of night;
- Adjust the frequency of morning fog, heavy fog is rare;
- Day fog;
- Adjust HDR for night illumination light sources;
- No extra Bloom`a;
- Orange light lamps;
- The shadows of the clouds.
- Fixed model Skybox.
- Returned model of the sun.
- The sun is hidden in the rain Alpha channel.
- Improved lighting and rays of the sun.
- New Flares.
- Changed the haze and DOF.
- Improved texture of the sky.
- Fixed transition fog in the morning and evening.
- And much more.

Authors: BlackOpen, Supric
And thank you Knox_xss, Hoss, Gricko, DANZ.

  • Silverbiker
    2015-02-16 11:03
    Please can we have the read me in English as well please? Thanks
  • Silverbiker
    2015-02-16 11:05
    Please can we have the read me in English as well please? ThanksReally like this mod but just want to make sure of correct installation.Final comment (for now), can you make the rear lights brighter?
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