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Improved Weather reload R5 SD
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Improved Weather reload R5 SD

Thank you Supric, Knox_xss, Hoss, Gricko, DANZ
Game Version: 1.14.xx
- Completely reworked the weather with 92 high resolution textures of heaven;
- Changed the light of lanterns and lights of traffic;
- Two versions of fashion: SD (compressed textures, for owners of low iron not HD!);
- 30 types of weather during the day;
- 18 types of dawn;
- 15 types of sunset;
- 14 types of clock;
- 3 types of rain;
- Different types of night;
- Set the frequency of morning fog, dense fog is rare;
- Adjust HDR for night illumination light sources;
- No additional Bloom`a;
- Orange light bulbs;
- Fixed Flare traffic;
- The shadows of the clouds.
Not recommended for use with other traffic weather!
HDR color correction and shoulderstand be included.

#2 SD version r5

Black Open, Supric

  • John4246
    2014-12-01 19:23
    Excellent!! Great work!! Thanks for this beautiful mod!!
  • Silverbiker
    2014-12-06 14:18
    Liking the sounds.The thing I would like to see are the tail lights and street lighting improved.Cannot see rear lights very far ahead, like once car is out of headlights it disappears. Even with brake lights on, they are not very bright. Driving with h/lights on full beam all the time at night.The street lighting, whilst is more realistic, could do with a bit more light IMO. Combined with above, when in towns makes it v difficult to see ai vehicles.
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