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Improved Weather Reload R5
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Improved Weather Reload R5

Improved Weather Reload R5 for ETS2 1.14 version .
Another excellent version for Improved Weather Reload released!
What contains this version R5:
- Completely reworked the weather using 92's sky high resolution textures;
- Changed the light of lanterns and lights of traffic;
- Two versions of fashion: HD and SD (compressed textures, for owners of low iron);
- 30 types of weather during the day;
- 18 kinds of dawn;
- 15 types of sunset;
- 14 species pm;
- 3 types of rain;
- Several types of night;
- Adjust the frequency of morning fog, heavy fog is rare;
- Adjust HDR for night illumination light sources;
- No extra Bloom`a;
- Orange light lamps;
- Fixed Flare traffic;
- The shadows of the clouds.
- Fixed model Skybox.
- Returned model of the sun.
- The sun is hidden in the rain Alpha channel.
- Improved lighting and rays of the sun.
- New Flares.
- Changed the haze and DOF.
- Improved texture of the sky.
- Fixed transition fog in the morning and evening.
- And much more.

Not recommended for use with other modes of weather!
Authors: BlackOpen, Supric

Many thanks Supric, Knox_xss, Hoss, Gricko, DANZ


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