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Improved Weather reload v3.0
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Improved Weather reload v3.0

Completely revised weather with 92 high resolution texture sky
and the light from the lamps and headlamps traffic.
In addition to the HD version with a version of the compressed textures for holders of weak iron.

1 variants 30 days.
2 18 variants of the dawn.
3 variants 15 sunset.
4 14 variants evening.
5 3 types of rain.
6 Several variants nights.
7 Adjust the frequency of morning fog, heavy mist rare.
8 Configured HDR. for night light light sources. No over the flower.
9 Orange lighting lanterns.
10 made flare? Traffic.
11 shadows of the clouds.

Change in the current version v20 r2
- Rain. Granted several ways the new drops on the glass.
- HDR. Correct deficiencies, added blue in the afternoon, minor changes.
- Day. Added cloudless sky in the ratio of 1 / 6th
- Lights. Headlights dimmed slightly lighter flyer for normal display afternoon.
- Nd much more.

To combine files to fashion with maps TSM map 4.7.2, TSM map 7.0 by mario1961, Promods v1.62, Ro Map Add-On V3.4, RusMap_v1.2 in the archive with the mod.

Not recommended for use with other weather mods.
Recommended settings

# 1 T he regular version
# 2 HD version

Improved Weather Reload 2.0 r2 mod may only be reproduced with my link in other forums and pages!
Credits: Black Open
Version: 1.10.1,,


  • Blue dog trucking
    2014-08-01 17:19
    I love this. I really get tired of looking at the same few skyboxes all the time. However, before I download, I need to know if the issue of it getting dark very early and cars driving with no lights on is still an issue as it was in older version.
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