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Improved Weather v1.3.5
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Improved Weather v1.3.5

Game Version: 1.9.x.x
Author: BlackOpen
- Improves the sunrise and sunset adds. 5 options.
- Adjust gamma for all weather.
- Four types of night, full moon, new moon and clear and cloudy.
- Three types of rain: strong (default), Medium, and overcast.
- Eight kinds of clear weather during the day: Clear, cloudy, dark clouds.
- Reduced Bloom effect afternoon.
- Added fog in the morning.
- Improved headlights.


1. Changed sunset, softer color, remove red shades on surfaces.
2. Lighten night during a full moon.
3. Fixed reflection at night.
4. Improved HDR.
5. Altered shadows from the clouds, now will not be abrupt transitions during the changing weather.

File to combine mod with maps TSM
Version 2.0 Coming soon...


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