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Improvements for the Freightliner FLD 120
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Improvements for the Freightliner FLD 120

Hi all,

Yesterday, a new Freightliner came out.
I like it very much, but, there’s some things who are missing.

So, today, i decided to make some improvements.
Here’s the list of them :
-Added my cummins engine sound.

-Added two engines (600 and 760hp cummins)

-Added a 18 gears box.

-speedometer and tachometer on the dashboard are in good place now (before they did not coincide with the dashboard) i made them accurate now.
Also fixed the camera’s inside view. I had a conflict (sitted too high) that happens when you have many other american trucks mods activated at the same time.

-Renamed the truck’s name without any misspelling. (Freightliner FLD 120)

Note that the truck isn’t from me.
Like every time, it’s an all in one, truck + sound together, and ready to use. Can be bought in a Volvo shop.



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