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Improvements on Freightliner Century
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Improvements on Freightliner Century

Hi all,

Here’s some improvements for the nice Freightliner Century/Columbia.


-dashboard, tachometer, speedometer improved on the Century (not yet on the Columbia)

-many new textures inside (almost all the inside cabine’s textures are new, like steering wheel, shifter, ground of the cab, added a nice carpet, etc…)

-removed curtains
-front bumper texture new
-rear mud flaps new
-renamed the truck properly
-fixed the camera view with better FOV, camera is independant and do not affect others trucks.
-renamed the engines properly with true values (2 Caterpillar and 2 Detroit Diesel) with their own icon in the shop.

-added 3 new gear boxes (13 and 18 speed) and retarder.
-trucks will come with 2 separated sounds mod, DD60 series and Caterpillar C15. So, btw, you will have 3 sounds possible with this
truck if we include the standart sound.

Later may be, i’ll finish to improve the Columbia’s dashboard.

Truck made by : DB3,scs, Abshabdul, Gleb.



  • Guest
    2014-04-28 21:16
    love this truck! best truck i drove with in the game. good handling,speed, and gas mileage. just need some improvements with the dash and addons other than that the truck is a A+
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