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IncrediBeards DRIFTKING Truck Skin
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IncrediBeards DRIFTKING Truck Skin

Something for all the Renault Premium drivers out there who want something more flash. This skin was made by IncrediBeard and will work on the upto date patch. {rims and lights are not included and are a seperate mod altogether…this is only for the skin it self} The skin is set as stock so you can applie it straight away.

Any problems you can contact me at https://twitter.com/incr3dibeard

Skin made by IncrediBeard

  • Incredibeard
    2014-11-29 05:35
    I did not upload this to your site. please remove my skin. One thing is to take my work without permission but re-uploading it without using the oringinal download link is just wrong
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