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International Lonestar – BETA
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International Lonestar – BETA

Volvo truck sold in stores mod in beta with engine sound, special tires and wheels, can be painted with metallic colors
respects the link donwload and good game!
Special thanks to: rockchevelle author of the wheels

megatruck inter BM, Carlos Delgado, Edson Teles

  • Adrian
    2016-01-10 10:21
    OMG ... This truck is fully ugly. In the interior must I puke.
  • Freddy jimmink
    2016-01-10 13:56
    It is really crap! I think there will be never come a good version of this truck or it must be done by a real good modder.
  • Freddy jimmink
    2016-01-10 18:18
    Ineternational Lonestar by Mega Truck Inter BM and friends, before he released it, he sold it for a damn lot of moneyIn this video You see what a sound mod can do to it, but it still is crap! Outside is nice, inside is crap no working dashboard and the lay-out of the dashbard needs a lot of restructure. The rest of the interior is quit nice.And this is not a stand alone it replaces Volvo.fh16.2009https://youtu.be/uw2EirwdLok
  • Ted


    2016-01-11 02:43
    Nice looking on the out side I'll wait until you finish it! thanks for the early look keep at it! maybe check with Viper2 for help! he's good....
  • Space cam
    2016-01-12 04:17
    it is a good design, but they could have done more to it before releasing it for gaming.
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