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International LoneStar v2.3.2 for 1.25
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International LoneStar v2.3.2 for 1.25

International LoneStar v2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.25

Buy in showroom SCANIA

- Standalone.
- Fixes dashboard in interior!!!
- Fixes bugs!!!
- Steering and physics of the truck is corrected!!!
- Added DLC Steering Creations Pack [Personal]!!!
- Adding the DLC volnate and fixes some bugs to work better in the newest    
  version of the game
- Attention! ONLY for version 1.25.x.!

Test veRsion: 1.25.3s

Credits: SCS,Franck,FrankBrasil.
Fixes & Updates for ETS2: MaxaGent.

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  • Guest
    2016-11-05 10:49
    GAME CRASH ... many missing parts !!!
  • Maestro
    2016-11-06 01:02
    Try this:1- open the scs file and delete both the manifest and the txt.2- activate the mod in your profile3- Don't click on the Scania logo ( the game will crash ) - instead, go directly in the dealer (drive there, or click in the Scania dealer on the map, e.g. Strasbourg dealer).You should now be able to configure your truck and buy it. (The interior is very bad though).Hope it works for you as it did for me.Cheers
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