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Italy addon by M95
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Italy addon by M95

What I should know first
This modpack contains 2 new cities and a few new roads in italy. More information could be found in the manual. Please give the terms and conditions a bit of time (it is not long, but very inportant). Any bugs can be reported here.

Reposting is strictly forbidden, promoting is allowed but read carefully how to do that in the manual and what the consequenses of illegal reposting can be.

What's in this pack
This pack contains two new cities
-Modena (including a small regional road network).

This pack contains two new roads
-A22 Verona-Modena (autostrada del Brennero)
-A1 Milano-Modena (Autostrada del Sole)

This mod is compatible with the promods pack, not with TSM. (Please report any issues when using with Promods).

I want to download it
Please only use this link, this is the original one. You will only get support at this forum:

Map updates
The map will be updated. For the next update I plan to complete the A7 to Genova and to build the A15 to La Spezia. After that I'm not sure if I'm going to enhance the A1 to Firenze or to make a start with the A4 to Venice and the A10/A2 in Austria. Any updates and images time to time will be posted in this topic so stay tuned.


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