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Iveco 190-38 Special - Edit by Ekualizer v2.0 1.30.x
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Iveco 190-38 Special - Edit by Ekualizer v2.0 1.30.x

- Standalone;
- Dealer Iveco;
- 1 cabin;
- 1 chassis;
- 1 engine;
- 2 transmission options;
- Your interior (4 options);
- Your sound;
- Tuning;
- Interior tuning, support DLC Cabin Accessories (partially);
- Added to the gallery.

Present in the archive template to create their skins.

Changes in v2.0:
- Added 2 new variants of the interior;
- Added skins;
- Added the Fiat badge on the grille as the tuning;
- Added support for DLC Cabin Accessories (partially);
- Added a new version of the radio;
- Added template to create your skins.


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  • Luigi
    2018-02-28 21:40 Send message
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    Hi EKUALIZER.I wanted to ask you something. Since I did not see any license file of this mod, for example, creative commons, I tried to make it compatible with American truck simulator. I did, but it still has some model defects, which I do not know how to solve them since I can not use a modeling program.How can I publish it? Always if it's possible, I can try it in a live on youtube, just to see if it goes well with the loads of the game?Thank you. I await your news.Lui
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