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Iveco Hiway Tuning v1.6 by Karen Grigoryan
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Iveco Hiway Tuning v1.6 by Karen Grigoryan

I bring to your attention; Iveco Hiway Tuning v1.6 by Karen Grigoryan for v 1.28. This mod adds a lot of tuning to a default Iveco Highway
In PACKAGE includes the following composes:
- 8 cabins
- 22 chassis+tandem
- 6 interior
- 3 engine
- 3 conditioner
- 2 cabin protection rally for road iveco hiway cabin r_grill
- 2 plastic side skirts to the chassis 4x2
- new wheels
- 19 f_grill
- 1 Highpipe
- new sunshlds
- 3 types of the headlights-lights
- 5 bumper protection b_grill
- 13 light bars on the roof r_grill
- board computer
- new sounds horns and air horns
- 27 skins
- even small things
  test version; s
A link to the exhaust pipe behind the cab
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authors; "SCS.Schumi.Afrosmiu.Racing.Flemming V.Piva.Vadik.XBS.obelihnio, Niksarli.Rebel8520.Sasq.ETS2MOD, oq37.Alek sey P.Karen Grigoryan"

  • Karen
    2017-10-26 19:04
    Фикс чтобы работала анимация в интерьерах.Ставить выше мода или вытащить папки и добавить в сам мод.Fix the animation worked interior.Put above fashion or remove folders and add yourself fashion.http://sharemods.com/61wawso4dqki/fix_animations_interior.scs.html
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