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Iveco Strator v4.0 Edited by Cp MorTifIcaTion
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Iveco Strator v4.0 Edited by Cp MorTifIcaTion

Iveco Strator V4
ETS2 v1.30.2.x - fix mistake or bug !!!
[red]SHOOFER - [blue]EM [normal]
Updates, Corrections and Editions:

Optimized For v1.30.2.x (ETS2)
Edited engines, chassis, sound and transmissions for a most real and aggradable drive;
Corrections, Adaptation & Update;

Optimized For v1.27.2.x (ETS2)
Animated Steering Wheel;
Adaptation, Update, Clean log;

fix some mistake!
fix the chassis shadow!
fix the some tuning parts!
remove the empty sideskirt slot!
remove the empty exhaust slot!
added uk exclusive interior & fix the standard uk interior!
added real strator sideskirt with many slot and now support paintjob!
added lolly pop light & 3 logo(strator-intercooler-trucker) to list of addons !
added 3 type chassis - 6x4-6x2 middle stear & 6x2 middle stear taglift!
added 400 & 460 & 540 & 1000 Hp engine !
added 2 type roof aircondition (exterior & interior)
and add more Parts!

3 cabin
3 chassis
3 type interior
Cabin Accessories DLC
Tuning Parts
Mod Manager
all tamplate is include
next update i add the holland style tuning parts!

SHOOFER - [blue]EM [normal]
Updates, Corrections and Editions:

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    Что ж ты на своем сайте этот мод не опубликовал? Не качайте - это фейк. А ты mods_ats он же modsets, он же losevo - гнида и сволочь.
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