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Iveco Strator v1
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Iveco Strator v1

Strator ver1
test in 1.21x whithout any bug!
3 type cabin
3 type chassis
dlc cabin + scs tuning + strator tuning parts.
mod manager ready!
all tamplate is include.
I did not have time for up video!!! sorry !
please wait for next update(new parts & chassis)
*Don´t upload this file on other hoster!!!*

scs (for base mod) shoofer (E.M Team)

  • Sam. joe
    2015-11-30 13:10
    Very nice model indeed, with minor "bugs". Some of the mounting points - horns - does not work. On the 3 axle version the tank capacity is too low, 400 liters only.
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