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Iveco V8 Engine with Sounds (MP Ready)
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Iveco V8 Engine with Sounds (MP Ready)

Hi i have made a mod for mp and is a scania v8 engine with mercedes actros 2014 transmission so you can have 4 reverse gears and go at 30mph when reversing and it has the scania v8 sounds and horn + it is ready for Multiplayer and has been tested and verified. Now you can go fast with power and the sound of it as well. Also you cannot get these trucks in UK only in Europe or Scandinavia. Hi-way is more suitable for v8 but all Ivecos have it.

*Instructions: When you added your mod to ets2 go on singleplayer first then go to Iveco truck dealer (Not UK), find the truck with 730hp engine and customize it to how you want but don’t change engine or transmission (You have to start again and you won’t get engine), after that get buy the truck and you are good to go! Then go to multiplayer and you will see your Truck has an actual Scania V8 engine with Mercedes transmission!
Tested On, 1.24x & 1.25x.

Author: SgtBreadStick

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