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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT V2.2
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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT V2.2

New version of this Jeep
Whats new:
Now for all new versions
Unlimited speed
Stronger engine
New gearbox
New wheels
Updated interior
Opportunity to add mini trailer


  • Guest
    2016-02-04 09:23
    All updated 2013??? Wow thats fast!
  • Brads331
    2016-03-02 16:51
    yh i know its a good mod defo recomenned installation :)
  • Guest
    2016-03-07 12:54
    It's not like a comment just for this mod, actually since the last years a lot of really nice cars were published (even with Trailer). What I totally miss is a phyics pack for cars ;/ because a 'realistic' drive is still not possible, so please everybody I think most people really apriciate it, maybe someone can spend some time for a real good car physics pack and make those car mods really usefull ~LG GUEST
  • Atomicblood
    2016-04-19 00:43
    Where is it sold?????
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