Farming simulator 2019 mods
KAMAZ 4410-6450 [v3.5] for 1.27.x
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KAMAZ 4410-6450 [v3.5] for 1.27.x

Find in dealership VOLVO!

Updates in v3.5:
Fixes bugs!!!
The conflict with default disks is corrected! [New Fix: 16.03.2017]
Add OffRoad Wheels by Koral! [New Upd: 16.03.2017]
Add OffRoad Wheels by KAMAZ..
Updates engines..
Updates transmissions..
Updates Lightmask..
Physics for truck working..
DLC Cabin Accessories working..
Adapted version: 1.26.x - 1.27.x
Test version: 1.26.6s -
Log Clear!

JAWA, Smith, dmitry68, Stas556, _69_mf_,
Has updated: Kamazist_1980!

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