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Kamaz 53212 v4.0 for 1.24 - 1.23
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Kamaz 53212 v4.0 for 1.24 - 1.23

 - KAMAZ 5410, 5511, 4310, 53212
 - Tyuning (Grille, vans, etc.)
 - New real wheels
 - Real sounds KAMAZ
 - huge Number of cabins
 - A Large number of trailers under certain vans
 - Support Accessories in the interior
 - Adaptation for version 1.24 - 1.23
 - Loading tandem of trailers
 - Testing on version:

ATTENTION!!! For the correct work of mod, to removed KamАZ 5410-1985 !!!
Otherwise there will be a DEPARTURE from game!
Author adaptation: MaxaGent

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  • Cody crouse
    2018-09-18 05:26
    I have been waiting for two years for this mod to be updated in this exact original form with the original wheels. Honestly, I really hope that it isn't an abandoned project & if it is, I'd love for somebody to update this mod to the current version of 1.32. I am asking because I really love this mod & had such a great time with it; I really like the old original Soviet era designed KamAZ trucks as they pretty much represent old fashioned Russian trucks & are major piece of history.
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