Farming simulator 2017 mods
Kamaz 54-64-65 1.30.x
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Kamaz 54-64-65 1.30.x

Buy in Dealer Iveco.
Extensive amount of tuning, as well as trailers for a truck.
1 cab available
4 chassis and much, much more you will see in the game itself. In addition, there is a fashion for dirt.



  • Fake
    2018-02-13 10:03
    Old mod. Upload by Mods80. Mods80 - mods from 2012 year only.
  • Fake
    2018-02-13 11:29
    Fake mod upload by dalbayob and ebuhiy plevok mamkinoi pizdi
  • Fake
    2018-02-13 15:56
    Oh don't listen to me, I'm mods_ats aka Kamazist10 the biggest son of a bitch an MoFo on earth, so just feel free to download
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