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Kamaz 54115 Turbo V8 1.35
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Kamaz 54115 Turbo V8 1.35

Updated for 1.35
Added a pair of front bumpers,
Added fit to fit these bumpers,
Added rear wing, still changed the rearview glass, they lacked texture,
The collision is changed now it can cling all trailers like everything,
remove it from the archive there immediately there and fix as always above mod.

For sale in MAN
Your interior
Own sound
Quite a lot of tuning and different variants of the truck
The author of the alteration of the truck, made it under the old version

author of the original: Nikon Oleinichenko (kamaznik), remade: funyash.

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    2019-07-10 16:27
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  • Funyash
    2019-07-11 01:46
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