Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kamaz 6520 + CZAP 1.22.x
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Kamaz 6520 + CZAP 1.22.x

- Standalone Truck
- Dealer DAF
- Interior
- 6x6 Shassis
- 1 Cabin
- Sounds
- Wheels
- Interior
- Tuning
- Trailers Replace Cooliner & Profiliner & Aerodinamic

Tested 1.22 Game Version

Lexan, Fanis

  • Space cam
    2016-02-23 13:38
    The truck should not have any load in it, what would make it interesting, is making this mod empty and when you go to pick up your cargo then you will notice it is loaded. it is so ridiculous to see you driving up and down with a loaded truck to pick up a cargo. you mod makers have something to work on so start working. enhance the game instead of making it so unreal.
  • Space cam
    2016-02-23 13:40
    People buy empty truck so please remove the avatar too, where on earth do you find people buying a truck with a driver in it along with goods. this is more than a laugh come on mod developers be creative.
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