Farming simulator 2019 mods
KamaZ MonsteR ChassiS 8x8 [FIXED]
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KamaZ MonsteR ChassiS 8x8 [FIXED]

Buy in showroom VOLVO!

Changelog Fixed:
The truck is completely REANIMATED!!! [Upd:16.03.17]
Small errors are found and corrected!!!! [Upd:16.03.17]
Fixed crash out of the game when trying to buy a truck in the cabin! [Upd:28.12.2016]
Mistakes in the ravine are corrected! - [Upd:15.03.2017]
Wheels are REANIMATED! - [Upd:15.03.2017]
Added in Company! - [Upd:15.03.2017]
Added in Desktop! - [Upd:15.03.2017]
The log is clean! - [Upd:28.12.2016]

Tested versions:, 1.26.6s, 1.25.3s.

Author: "Koral, Anatoliy7469, groningen263 - [Upd:28.12.2016]"
Reanimated Wheels: Kamazist_1980 - [Upd:16.03.2017] - FIXED!

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