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Kenworth K-200  Stas556 & Fire-Blade v11.0 1.22.x
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Kenworth K-200 Stas556 & Fire-Blade v11.0 1.22.x

Kenworth K200 Stas556 & Fire-Blade v.11.0
Dealer DAF
Present in the gallery tracks
Has the real engines, transmissions, sounds interior of the cabin with the right and left-hand drive.
Residence permit, icons and sounds open for editing. Access to the rest of fashion closed.

Updated v11.0:
1. New 3d interiors
2. Completely redesigned truck model
3. Animation of the steering column, the gas and brake pedals
4. A new template for skins
5. Added support for DLC
6. Numerous improvements, etc.
Games Version:1.22.х

Virat, SCS: - 3D model.
Stas556: - Envelope, animation, residence.
kriechbaum: - Sounds residence of engines and transmissions.
Fire-Blade: - 3ds Max modeling.
Robert Bogdanov: - Texturing, scan.
Gerald Hardie: - Technical support.
Mick Brown: - Accessories.
Mishanka: - Other registration.
Knox: - dashboard TV & GPS

  • Mike
    2016-03-23 02:43
    Link broken or files deleted
  • Guest
    2016-03-23 06:17
    http://sharemods.com/p1ym3sgj9oaz/kenworth_k200.7z.html ++++++++++++++++ https://yadi.sk/d/WfjVJbNCqQFFD
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