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Kenworth K100 v2.9
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Kenworth K100 v2.9

Kenworth K-100 V2.2 by AU44
3D Model Author: Ivan and Ols
Author of the original interior for PTTM - Laza-truck
Author envelope in ETS 2: AU44
Author Salon: Oleg_Conte, darklorrd
Animation: Stas556, Oleg_Conte

Patch: 1.4.x

Fully independent model. Truck you can buy in the showroom Mercedes.
His own salon animation!
Special thanks for help: HaXwell, rus47tam updates Kenworth K-100 V2.2
Authorship Absolutely!
Keeping with the spread of the original link! Thank you very much


  • Theosz
    2014-11-14 18:24
    Correct patch is v1.10 because it was created/modified in 05/2014. Please, upload the correct mod
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