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Kenworth Phantom v1.0 + Phantom Trailer + Template
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Kenworth Phantom v1.0 + Phantom Trailer + Template

Kenworth The “Phantom” 1.0 + “Phantom” Trailer 1.0 + Template + Modified engines. ETS2

-Shapes to the truck.
-Shapes to the trailer.
– “Phantom” Trailer 1.0
-Changed engines.
-The five-speed transmission from Westend Star 5700, author: Stewen
– Fixed and added sounds.

Purchased in the cabin – DAF
Registered in the gallery of trucks.

This is the first version of the model, there are uncritical errors in the log for the work of the model and the game as a whole not affecting ..

There is a decent tuning, magnificent instrument panels in the cockpit salon, backlight and chic chrome wheels.

“Phantom” Trailer 1.0
Now is present in the traffic.
You can apply other skins to the trailer.
Models of a truck, trailer, wheel: Bansheewoj
Trailer Parts, Miscellaneous and Definitions: Great Dane by B4RT
LED lighting: AMT, Quattrophobia & B4RT
Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy
Traffic registration: SlavikSD
Fix and change for version ETS2 losevo58

Engine Pack (Changed) – Cummins ISX15 Real Torque Curve For Phantom.
1500hp and 2000hp
Author: Br3ss4n
Change: losevo58

Truck model, trailer, wheels: Bansheewoj
Internal base: SCS
Import and Assembly in ATS: AMT
Internal textures and parts: AMT (Quattrophobia)
Steering wheel: Kris-Man for an amazing “Excalibur” wheel model
Speakers: carlo @ grabcad
Parking sticks: 12BANANA21
Red & Blue Gauge faces: batuhan383
Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy
Sounds: Josh, Kreichbaum
Gearboxes: Guidot & KwDriver
Control Panel: Piva Modified by Quattrophobia
LED & Lighting: AMT, Quattrophobia & B4RT
Engines: Snipers, Steve, Rowan, Corby, Quentin
Engine Piping: Arlan6
Glass Materials: GT-Mike & RJL
Trailer parts, miscellaneous and definitions: Great Dane B4RT
Fix and change for version ETS2 losevo58

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