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Kenworth Phantom v2.0 1.30.x Final
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Kenworth Phantom v2.0 1.30.x Final

– Standalone
– Dealer DAF
– Painting + skins
– Chassis options
– Engine options
– Your wheels
– Tuning

Mod is clean of errors, and no more updates will be given for the truck in future. Remove outdated mods if game crashes. Otherwise, mod works perfectly.

Bansheewoj, B4RT, AMT, Fin21, Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy, groningen

  • Darkster
    2018-03-20 17:44
    Mirrors not worked !!!
  • Ducsnoopy
    2018-03-21 12:15
    Too bad I put it in my mods, I find it in my games can modify it but when I want to drive it is planting me the game damage !!!!!!!!
  • Thegreatsimulator
    2018-03-27 21:09
    HD Video 1080p60 Testhttps://youtu.be/_HurXK_dRmU
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